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A series by Taylor Fukui.

I don’t know about you, but when I was preparing for college, I was the most nervous about living in the residential halls. What was it going to be like? What did my room look like? What if my roommate was weird? I had heard some great stories about how roommates became friends for life, but I had also heard the horror stories too—remember the movie “The Roommate”?

So what better way to get an insight into living in the residential halls (res. halls) than hearing stories from students who are living that life right now! Meet your newest WPC blog project True Life: I Live on Campus. This year I want to take you inside the halls to learn what it’s like to live on campus—the ups, downs, need-to-know info, and how to handle some of the situations you may encounter. Get inside information on the events, the sharing, and the place that may soon be your home!

Please welcome Bree, Sydney, Alexis, Alex, Kate, Selina, and Vivian as they kindly open their doors and share their res. hall stories. Learn everything from expectations, move-in, and programs in the halls to sharing a room with three other people.

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Alexis, Bree, and Sydney

This wonderful trio of girls have a very unique story to share. Two roommates met at orientation and later became roommates then lucked out with their third suitemate. All three of them are from out of state and can’t wait to tell you what it’s like to move to a new state and meet their roommates for the first time at college!

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Alex & Kaitlin

Ever heard of those best friends that come to college together, share a room, and get to experience everything college with their best friend by their side? Well, meet Alex and Kaitlin who have been best friends for five years now! Learn their story about attending college with your best friend.

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Selina & Vivian

Shout out to all international students! Looking to go to a new country for college? Or have you ever wondered what it may be like to come to a new country for school? Meet Selina and Vivian who came all the way from China and met at college. Learn the challenges and benefits of coming to college from a different country!

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move-in pt. 1

adjusting to college pt. 1
move-in pt. 2

adjusting to college pt. 2
move-in pt. 3

adjusting to college pt. 3