Stay Active, Have Fun, Play Sports

Sports! Whether you want to work off stress or just stay in great shape, you don’t have to be an NCAA Division-I athlete to play sports at ASU. In fact, club and intramural sports offer all students a chance to stay healthy and motivated to succeed (while having fun). So if you want to play a sport but do not feel confident about competing at a higher level, you have nothing to be afraid of — just get out there and have a blast!


Club Sports

If you are dedicated and passionate about playing a sport in college, then club sports are the way to go. You have brothers/sisters that you see every week with the same athletic mentality having fun doing what they love. There are several activities you can all participate in together, like house events and volunteering events based on your team’s dedication.

As for myself, I play club ultimate frisbee to let off some steam and stay in shape. I have been an athlete since I could walk and have competed in several sports, such as soccer, baseball, wrestling, football, rugby, and more. That said, I was really excited to join men’s club ultimate frisbee my first semester at ASU. Now in my third year, it’s cool to look back on everything this team has given me — incredible memories playing at tournaments in Arizona, California, Utah, and New Mexico, some of my best friends, and even leadership experience as the club’s vice president.

Cost varies between club sports, but is something to take into account if you want to play every semester of your college career. There are also some ancillary costs associated with club sports, such as field fees, physicals (depending on the sport), and proper equipment (also depending on the sport).

Intramural Sports

If you want a sport to have fun with little to no stress, then intramural sports are the way to go! I’ve participated in intramural volleyball (both sand and court), flag football, kickball, and bowling. You get to make new friends, and strengthen bonds with old friends at these games.

Since intramural sports are a little more relaxed, playing can be more fun and laidback, depending on your competitive tendencies. There are even competition levels within intramural sports: competitive and recreational. It is also inexpensive to participate and free if you are a business or engineering student!

I highly encourage you to at least grab a friend and try a sport you have never played before to experience something new! It’s just one of the ways you can maximize your college experience at ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business.