one campus; many locations

ASU is HUGE! It takes over the valley, covering five different locations. There is a lot to see and do when you come here as a prospective student looking to get a feel for the campus, and even more to do when you decide to become a part of the Sun Devil family!

Here are just a few things that may spark your interest in the many locations of ASU!

my home on the Tempe campus, A-Mountain!


Really called Hayden Butte, we just refer to it by the big, gold “A” plastered on the side of it: A-Mountain. This is definitely a place you want to see on campus during your visit or as a Sun Devil. Take a hike during Fall Welcome Week and have your turn ‘white-washing’ the A with a cup of white paint. Protect it during our big rivalry games by spending the night on the mountain with the rest of the A-Team. Participate in the traditional lantern walk during Homecoming week. Or, you can always just take a hike up top with your friends and watch the sunset.

it’s all about those athletics @ Tempe

We all know our Sun Devils love our sports teams and, when it comes to athletics, Tempe is the place to be.


The perfect segway into sports at the Tempe campus is the newly redesigned Tillman Tunnel. The Tillman Tunnel is a dedication to Pat Tillman, #42, who played as an ASU football captain and lead the Sun Devils to victory by inspiring the team through some pretty amazing speeches. Later, he turned down a career in the NFL to serve our country in the military. The legacy of Pat Tillman as an extreme athlete, scholar, and hero to the Sun Devils lives on through the Tillman Tunnel.

Utah v Arizona State

After that, it’s all about the game day experience and cheering on your fellow Sun Devils! You don’t want to miss a game and you have to get your student season tickets. Whether you’re a football fan or not, being a part of the student section is something you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to wear GOLD to the games (and on Fridays)!


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After that, check out the Carson Athletic Center & Intercollegiate Athlete Center Hall of Fame. This is a great area for you to see the history of Sun Devil Athletics and really put into perspective what it means to be a Sun Devil through our campus sporting events. The Hall of Fame is also where you can see the Territorial Cup on display. It’s the oldest rivalry trophy in the NCAA.

being on Broadway, ASU style


Gammage is a must see attraction. Each year, multiple Broadway shows travel to this theater. Gammage was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and originally to be built in Baghdad, Iraq. It was placed on the Tempe campus when Wright recognized and realized it’s potential here. Students can receive up to half off admission to these Broadway shows. Everything has been here from Wicked and Jersey Boys to Lion King and more. It’s acoustically perfect and seats about 3,000 people. Whether your here for a show or just hanging outside, you don’t want to be left backstage.

the secret garden


I don’t want to give away the secret, but you can look around and find your way to the ASU Secret Garden. Full Disclosure: I’ve heard a lot of people say it is a bit of a let down when they finally find it, but there’s no way it could be like the book. I do know that you can sometimes find some campus sponsored events in there where it is all lit up and looking fresh! It’s still a great place to check out, and maybe hit the books while your there, too.

space exploration

Natural light floods the five-story atrium space

Take a trip to the ISTB 4 (Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Building). This is part of ASU’s Research One institution buildings. While this area shows the study area for the Science and Exploration students, the first level includes a multimillion dollar theater featuring 3D projectors. They often hold space shows where they have an interactive 3D layout of space (as we know it). The first level also includes a big tank where you can operate an underwater robot, a giant globe that projects the different planets, a seismograph that shows you live readings, and much more. See replicas of the Mars rovers right when you walk in. Maybe you’ll even catch a NASA-like mission happening right outside the lobby.

palm walk


You can’t miss Palm Walk when you’re on campus. It runs from University Bridge all the way to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. You can check out all the sights to see along the way. It gets a little busy during class change but as the most photographed place in Tempe, you have to expect it. It’s lined with about 113 or so palm trees planted by past ASU President Gammage as an anniversary gift to his wife.

let’s go Downtown


This unique structure in the middle of Downtown Phoenix in the heart of the ASU Downtown campus may look like nothing special during the day, but it is a whole new world at night. Each night, it is lit up and becomes a spectacular focal point of the city. Students can often be found studying or just hanging around out here marveling in it’s beauty. You’ve got to see this at least once.


The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism & Mass Media, also at ASU Downtown, is a must see for those looking to keep up to date with news, media, and more. Besides the stunning architecture work, the students who inhabit this building are sure to have good stories to tell.

catch the tail winds out to Poly


ASU Polytechnic is all about aviation. This location has a lot to offer students; it is the heart of ASU travel. Located conveniently nearby is the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport offering students some low fair prices through a few airlines. For students interested in aviation or air traffic management, this is your home.


Students looking to be our future pilots can test our state of the art flight simulator located at Polytechnic.


Even those looking into air traffic control can get involved in the simulator by testing their skills focusing on the runways.

find yourself at West


West has around 9,000 students and still offers a wide variety of majors for undergraduates. Students can find themselves nestled away in a smaller feeling, liberal-arts type school driven with the demands of a comprehensive work force environment.

the new place to be, ASU Havasu!

ASU is no stranger to traveling across the desert; it has expanded to include a fifth location in Lake Havasu. I don’t know much about what goes on here yet, but I know it is growing and an up-and-coming place to be. It’s a bit of a hike, but it is all worth it.


There is so much to do and to see at all five locations of Arizona State University. This is only a small portion of what you can do here. So, whether you are a current student or a prospective student, you have to check out what we have to offer you here. Besides academics, you are right in the heart of a growing city and the New American University.