Letter to University Presidents and Provosts


Dear Presidents and Provosts,

As its first President, I am thrilled to announce the creation of a new academic organization, the PAC 12 Academic Leadership Coalition (P12ALC), which features your institution as one of its founding members. The nine founders are Arizona State University, Oregon State University, University of Arizona, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Oregon, University of Southern California, University of Utah, University of Washington, and Washington State University.

The P12ALC members are committed to collaborating with one another, and to working productively and cooperatively with our Provosts and Presidents. Our mission is to improve the effectiveness and responsiveness of each member institution’s shared governance organization, and where commonalities exist, to facilitate academic and research cooperation that benefits all of the participants. For your interest, I have attached a copy of a letter that announces the formation of our organization, which will be sent to the media.

Each member institution is represented by faculty governance leaders including the President of each University Senate, as well as associated staff. At our 2015 annual conference, which was hosted by Washington State University, the founding members approved our bylaws and elected our first slate of officers. The bylaws and our history, as well as other information about our organization, may be found on our website, which may be accessed through the following link:


This year, our annual conference will be hosted by the University of Arizona on February 26-28, 2016. Currently, we are engaged in a strategic planning process, and as a fledgling organization, it will be one of the focal themes of this year’s conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of the PAC 12 Academic Leadership Coalition. I can be reached by phone (541-870-1099) or email (rkyr@uoregon.edu) at your convenience.

We very much look forward to collaborating with you, your faculty and staff representatives, and your administration. We hope that our efforts will be truly beneficial to you and your institution, as we work together to achieve our common goals at this challenging time in higher education.

All the best,
Robert Kyr
President, PAC 12 Academic Leadership Coalition
Philip H. Knight Professor of Music
University of Oregon School of Music and Dance
Director, Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium