Playing for keeps with IT workers? Watch their online activity

Associate Professor of Information Systems John (Zhongju) Zhang recently correlated that taking part in virtual networks corresponds to both voluntary quits and internal promotions, and the way an employee participates foreshadows which of these results is more likely to happen.

Big data mining technique helps discover startups

In the high-tech sector, the hunt for startup companies to purchase is intense. The challenge is how to find these new businesses. To help make finding these startups easier and give analysts a competitive edge, a W. P. Carey professor developed a data-mining tool.

Researchers find that ride-sharing service saves travel time, gas

A trio of Arizona State University researchers has quantified the “Uber effect” by completing the first study to prove that when the ride-hailing service enters an urban market, it reduces traffic congestion, cuts travel time, and saves gas for all drivers.

Lucky stars? Culture, distance impact online review ratings

Five stars, one star or something in between? Ratings you give a restaurant are likely affected by where you grew up, when you visited the eatery, and how far away that establishment is. What’s more, others look at how much emotion you express when evaluating the helpfulness of your critique.

Middle schoolers learn the secret to business success

Rylee Green didn’t know about the many opportunities in information management when she was in middle school, but wished she did, so she could have gotten an early start. Now a senior computer information systems major, Green and others from DISC (the Department of Information Systems Club) hosted 86 middle school students from the Laveen …

Taming the Wild West of embedded analytics

The compound annual growth rate for big data is expected to be 26.4 percent through 2018, creating governance challenges for organizations. But researchers from the Department of Information Systems have developed a reference model that can help companies create order around their predictive and embedded analytics.