Kicking off a new year

Before launching into a new academic year, we took time out this week to gather the faculty — 32 strong — for a group portrait. They are as excited as the students to get back to class! But before we leave summer behind, read about our capstone projects

Finishing touch: Capstone projects

The capstone project is the crowning moment of our degree programs. Students work in teams to apply the knowledge and skills learned in virtually all of their classes to a project in a real business. Companies partner with us to help prepare students to be effective in their careers, while at the same time gleaning get fresh perspectives on current issues.

Awards top the news from the Department of Information Systems

Good news arrived in waves recently as the Department learned that its student organization won national honors, and that former Chairman Michael Goul had received a major award from an engineering association. Read further to meet a new staff member who plays a key role for students and recruiters

Middle schoolers learn the secret to business success

Rylee Green didn’t know about the many opportunities in information management when she was in middle school, but wished she did, so she could have gotten an early start. Now a senior computer information systems major, Green and others from DISC (the Department of Information Systems Club) hosted 86 middle school students from the Laveen …

In the news: Students wrap up a successful year

As the semester draws to a close, KnowIT salutes the students who have gone the extra mile to excel this year. As well, we congratulate Clinical Assistant Professor Kathleen Moser, who was honored by the university as the most outstanding student organization advisor of the year.

Outstanding Graduating Senior: Manoj Panikkar

As a kid, Manoj Panikkar used to tinker with electronics. He’d take them apart and put them back together just to see how they worked. That curiosity turned into a passion for learning, so much so that he couldn’t settle on just one major.

A marriage built on love and computer science

The love and support of a spouse has seen Erik and Natalie Lowell through college and now to graduation. Whether it was reminding each other of upcoming deadlines or keeping each other on task while working on a project, the couple has worked hard together and will now graduate together.

Reflections at the end of an academic year

As the academic year draws down, I am sure many of our students are scrambling to complete their course projects, capstone projects, final assignments and, of course, to prepare for the final exams.

News update: Ways to lead

The leadership of the top-10 ranked Department of Information Systems takes many forms. Professor Ajay Vinze, in his role as ASU’s associate vice provost for graduate education, was instrumental in creating a program that will help an African nation build its economy. And one of our first-year doctoral students drove home the first prize in a university-wide competition with her research on Uber Technologies Inc.

New road ahead for doctoral graduates

Doctoral students invest five years in study and research after years spent earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The program is demanding, but fortunately it is also satisfying, and for two Department of Information Systems Ph.D. candidates, the end is in sight.