Agile manager keeps IT running at ExxonMobil

35 years ago, Joe Killalea had just graduated from the University of West Florida and was hired as an entry-level systems analyst by Exxon Company U.S.A. Since 1980, his role has evolved from programmer to project manager within the ExxonMobil Information Technology (EMIT) organization.

Profile: Making IT work at PetSmart

Pete Jorgenson travelled a long and winding path to his current position as vice president of Information Systems Technical Operations for PetSmart Inc., the nation’s largest pet specialty retailer.

Designing IT game plans for State Farm

When Mark Becicka joined State Farm as a systems analyst in the late 1990s, he was just a few years out of college, but his passion for building high performing teams had already been established. Becicka, a graduate of Illinois State University and a player on the Redbirds’ Division I football squad, carried his drive …

Welcoming women to IT: Profession tackles the numbers

If it wasn’t for her high school counselor, Jocelyn Ventura would have never pursued a career in information technology. If Fawn Medesha’s fifth grade teacher hadn’t pushed her to turn her love of math into a lifelong passion for computer sciences, she wouldn’t be the successful IT professional she is now. Many women in IT …

Information systems in the news

It’s Halloween, and our campus has taken a slightly creepy turn today. Last night, the ghouls from our DISC club haunted the bowling alley at the student union. Our students are working hard to prepare for careers in an ever-evolving profession, but they still have time for fun. Speaking of change, department Chairman Michael Goul’s remarks …

Sense and respond

 By Michael Goul, Chairman Department of Information Systems “Sense and respond” as a business concept has been around for some time. It means an organization must pay attention to what is actually happening in its environment rather than focus just on internal process efficiencies, command and control structures, etc.  IT-enabled sense and respond capabilities are …

Will your next email or post pass the ‘billboard test?’

Avnet CIO Steve Phillips, a featured speaker at the recent Association for Information Systems Student Chapter Conference, recommends against writing anything in an email or making a digital post that you would not want to see on a highway billboard. After hearing the talk, department chairman Michael Goul found himself thinking more carefully about electronic communications. After exploring the topic further, he concludes that every message you send should reflect your core values.