Network Readiness Index and the USA

As the 2016 Summer Olympics ends, with the United States of America at the top of the medal tally, it is time to also celebrate another achievement in the tech sector.

Awards top the news from the Department of Information Systems

Good news arrived in waves recently as the Department learned that its student organization won national honors, and that former Chairman Michael Goul had received a major award from an engineering association. Read further to meet a new staff member who plays a key role for students and recruiters

Taming the Wild West of embedded analytics

The compound annual growth rate for big data is expected to be 26.4 percent through 2018, creating governance challenges for organizations. But researchers from the Department of Information Systems have developed a reference model that can help companies create order around their predictive and embedded analytics.

News update: Ways to lead

The leadership of the top-10 ranked Department of Information Systems takes many forms. Professor Ajay Vinze, in his role as ASU’s associate vice provost for graduate education, was instrumental in creating a program that will help an African nation build its economy. And one of our first-year doctoral students drove home the first prize in a university-wide competition with her research on Uber Technologies Inc.

New road ahead for doctoral graduates

Doctoral students invest five years in study and research after years spent earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The program is demanding, but fortunately it is also satisfying, and for two Department of Information Systems Ph.D. candidates, the end is in sight.

Business analytics: A better way to dig into supply chains

Large manufacturers simply can’t have insight into what’s going on with each and every one of their suppliers, much less with those suppliers’ suppliers or with suppliers even further upstream. But opportunities could be out there: a mid-size supplier with an early read on changing economic conditions, or a small supplier with an innovative idea …

Conference: Shaping new research thinking

Researchers from nine top universities gathered in Tempe this weekend for our first annual Information Systems Research Workshop. Our objective for the workshop was to create an opportunity for a small network of researchers to develop new lines of inquiry and forge lasting research partnerships.