Outstanding Graduating CIS Senior: Kyle Helmle

Whether it was coaching kids on the basketball team, tutoring classmates, or being a friendly face to a new freshman, helping others comes naturally to this triple major, new alumnus.

Alum introduces a new way to rewire data center inefficiencies

In a market of big data, big data centers, and big costs, W. P. Carey alumnus Clint Poole’s innovative DataStation — a scalable, quickly deployable modular data center that can connect directly to the grid for power — may make a big impact on the industry.

An IS degree means more than going to class

There’s a quote that says, “Success comes before you reach your goal, for it is as simple as taking a step in the right direction.” While the 2016-2017 academic year has just begun, it is off to a successful start.

Three ways W. P. Carey CIS alum found career success

Lindsey Waress earned the title of computer guru in her family. Any phone, computer, tablet, remote control — if it broke, the family brought it to her to fix. She took her knack for technology and combined it with business, a field she always knew she’d focus on in college, and received a computer information systems degree in May 2016.

Kicking off a new year

Before launching into a new academic year, we took time out this week to gather the faculty — 32 strong — for a group portrait. They are as excited as the students to get back to class! But before we leave summer behind, read about our capstone projects

Opportunities to learn motivate recent grad

As students prepare for graduation and trade in their backpacks and books for business cards, recent graduate Bridget Martin has a message for those students: your education is not over.