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    WPC Citrix Decommission

    As of 17 November, 2020, the instance of W. P. Carey Citrix server has been decommissioned.



    All W. P. Carey staff, faculty, and research students who previously used W. P. Carey’s instance of the Citrix virtual desktop environment. 


    What is impacted:

    All resources previously available from W. P. Carey’s instance of Citrix still exist. However, the mechanism used to reach them is no longer there. Users will need to find alternative methods to reach these resources.


    What is not impacted:

    Any other instances of Citrix or resources available through Citrix at ASU, including anything managed by UTO or other colleges, is not impacted. 
    The instance of Citrix used for classwork by students is managed by UTO and is not affected.


    Resources impacted:

    For several weeks, we monitored W. P. Carey Citrix to see what our users were exploiting.

    We have identified 3 resources which experienced heavy use:

    1. Administrative access to EMS
    2. Connecting to network drives, such as P: and G:
    3. Using programs available Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint)


    Resource alternatives:

    We have provided systems and documentation to make sure that these resources are still available to our users. Please view the links below to learn more about each alternative

    1. Remote Desktop Connection to the EMS Management Server
    2. Connecting to P: and G: drives
    3. Installing Office 365 on your personal computer



    If you have questions, please contact the W. P. Carey Help Desk by phone at 480 965 2400, or send an email to

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