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    Software written for the Macintosh system does not always behave in the same manner as software written for Windows, so support for Macintosh systems is very limited for the Online MBA program.



    Blackboard is accessible, and fully supported, with the Firefox and Safari web browsers on Macintosh.  Additional required applications including Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash, and the DRM Plugin for study material (File-Open) are also supported.


    Microsoft Office, and related software:

    The Macintosh version of Microsoft Office is generally not compatible with Office plugins that are used in the program.  The W. P. Carey School of Business provides a virtualized Windows environment called Citrix to all graduate students, and this is accessible by Macintosh systems.  Instructions on accessing Citrix on a Mac.

    The full suite of Microsoft Office 2007 products, and Office plugins such as Stat Tools, may be accessed from the Citrix system.  The Citrix system will also connect with your local computer to allow files moving between the two environments.


    The W. P. Carey School of Business is unable to provide any additional support for Macintosh systems in the Online MBA program outside of Blackboard and Citrix access.