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    ASU has deployed a two-factor authentication service for ASURITE logins as an additional measure for managing cybersecurity threats.

    ASU has partnered with DUO to provide two-factor authentication to protect sensitive information such as login credentials and personal information to augment the traditional password. DUO offers a flexible set of options including calling a cell phone, texting, using the DUO push app, calling a landline and lastly, a hardware token option for those without access to one of the other options.

    Faculty and staff will be prompted to sign in with DUO two-factor authentication to access ASU services including My ASU, Blackboard and PeopleSoft, about once a week per registered device (per computer/web browser combination). Users will also be prompted each time they access their W-2 and direct deposit information or connect through the virtual private network.

    Further information for two-factor authentication may be found here