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    This two-part tutorial instructs users how to use the narrated screen capture software Screencast-o-Matic (SoM) to generate a video file. The second part of the tutorial shows how to upload video file(s) to the WPC video server, for use in courses and other communication, using the server interface tool, Modalis.

    Part 1: Using Screencast-o-Matic

    1. Use a web browser to navigate to:
    2. Click the “Sign Up” button in the top right
    3. When the prompt appears to create an account, enter an ASU email address
      1. It is recommended that you use your ASURITE email address
    4. Check your email for account creation confirmation and click the included link
    5. Complete the ‘Create Account’ registration page
      1. The password is not part of the ASURITE ASU Single Sign-On so make note what you set
    6. Install the recording software by clicking the “Download Install” button


    1. Click the downloaded file in lower left corner of the browser window -or- in your Downloads folder and follow your computer’s instructions to install. 
      1. Mac users: Drag Screencast-o-Matic into the Applications folder
        1. Authenticate
        2. Enter credentials to allow Finder to make changes
      2. PC users: Double click the download file to initiate installation
        1. Enter credentials to allow for installation
        2. Including a shortcut on the desktop is recommended
      3. Locate and open the Screencast-o-Matic application(it can be found in the Mac Applications folder or PC Desktop and / or Program Files folder)
      4. In the Screencast-o-Matic program window select “Team Plan” and enter the access code “ASU-SOM”                 
        1. Once this is filled in it may forward you to the ASU website for your ASURITE login credentials.
        2. Once entered the Install Setup is complete and you can click “OK”
        3. Screecast-o-Matic may close and need to be re-launched


    1. Locate Screencast-o-Matic in the Applications folder and open it again
    2. In the Screencast-o-Matic program, click the red “Record” button to launch the Record settings screenNote: Recording does not actually begin until the settings in the Record panel have been made and the red “Rec” button is pressed
    3. Adjust the settings in the ‘Record’ window
      1. Click to select which inputs you will be recording: Screen, Webcam, or Both
      2. Leave Max Time set to None
      3. Set the size to 1080p if your monitor’s resolution allows for it; 720p is the next best option and will ensure a high quality video output.
        1. The capture area is indicated by the dashed line.
      4. Click the microphone to select your microphone source and watch the bars to ensure your microphone is capturing audio
        1. The bars should be in the green to yellow range, if they are red you are too loud and if you do not see them, your microphone is too quiet or not active.
        2. It is recommended that record with the microphone 4-6 inches from your mouth for best results.


    1. When you’re ready to record, press the red “Rec” button.
    2. To stop recording, press the pause/stop button.
    3. Click “Done” to save your recording.
    4. Click “Save as Video File”  
    5. Under the ‘Video File’ menu set “Type” to MP4
    6. Name your file to using the WPC video server standard: Department or Course – Your Name – Title of the videoExample: “WPC 101 – Jane McSample – Intro to Business is Personal.mp4”


    1. Choose a location on your computer to save your file.
    2. Click “Publish”
    3. Once your file is finished publishing, it’s ready to be uploaded to the WPC video server, for that use the server interface tool Modalis





    Part 2: Uploading to Modalis


    1. Use a web browser to navigate to:
    2. Login using the MediaAMP Modalis prompt
      1. Enter your full ASURITE email address
      2. Once your email address is entered the prompt will remove the password field
      3. Click “Log In”
      4. Your browser will be automatically forwarded to the ASU Microsoft Services (Single Sign-On) screen
      5. On the ASU Microsoft Services (Single Sign-on) page
        1. Enter just your ASURITE username, not the full email address: (example: my_asurite_id)
        2. Your ASURITE password
        3. Select the ‘Faculty / Staff’ sign-in profile
    1. The landing page, “All Media” should display
      1. “All Media” is where you will see all of the videos you have uploaded and those that have been uploaded on your behalf and assigned to you.
    2. Click the “Upload” button in the top right corner
    3. You must click the checkbox in the copyright ownership area, agreeing that you are not redistributing any copyright protected content
    4. You may then click into the Upload area or drag and drop your Screencast-o-Matic .mp4 video file(s) into the drop area to upload
    5. Double click the video tile to access the settings menu

    1. Click “Share” to get a link to your video


    1. Click “Share on the Web” and use the Player Type dropdown
      • Use the Public Player to share videos with anyone (via email or with someone outside of the ASU domain.
        1. CAUTION: anyone with this link can view the video so it is not recommend for reviews or similar material.
      • Use the Restricted Player, with the Embed Code option, for ASU students accessing the video through Canvas.
        1. DO NOT USE the Restricted Player > External Link option for copying a link into Canvas; the ASU security protocol will not allow these to play.

    Important Notes:

    Logging in to Modalis for the first time generates an account for you automatically. If you cannot find a Collection and / or the Upload area, the role that was auto-assigned to you during account creation needs to be updated by an admin.


    For this or assistance with any other aspects Screencast-o-Matic and / or Modalis please email: with the subject: ATTN: Multimedia, SoM Modalis




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