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    SAS Enterprise Miner is an add-on package which operates within the base SAS software package. Enterprise Miner is licensed by the College of Business and installed by default in the College's network SAS installations. To run Enterprise Miner, start SAS, click on the "Solutions" menu, select "Analysis", and then click on "Enterprise Miner" on the side menu.

    Enterprise Miner has documentation and a tutorial available within the software. To assess both, start Enterprise Miner and click on the "Help" menu. To run the tutorial, choose "Getting Started with Enterprise Miner Software" from the "Help" menu. The Enterprise Miner reference material is accessed by selecting "EM Reference" from the "Help" menu.

    The SAS Enterprise Miner website can be accessed here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I run Enterprise Miner? Eneterprise Miner is integrated into the network version of SAS installed on faculty computers.

    A: To run Enterprice Miner, start SAS, click on the Solutionsà Analysisà Enterprise Miner. Enterprise Miner will then load within SAS. Since the SAS menus and toolbars change depending on which window is currently active, the menus will change to display options specific to Enterprise Miner.

    Q: Is there any documentation for it?

    A: Yes. The documentation for Enterprise Miner can be accessed through the Help menu when Enterprise Miner is the currently selected window. The "EM Reference" option in the Help menu contains the command reference for Enterprise Miner. For information on the Enterprise Miner interface, click on the "Getting Started with Enterprise Miner Software" option on the Help menu. This will open a help window. Click on the web link in the main window to start the web based SAS tutorial on using Enterprise Miner.