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    Video Tutorial on how to log into Citrix via the Web.



    Section 1 of 2: Logging into the Citrix Website

     1. Browse to and select your Citrix Environment

     Citrix Splash Page

     2. Enter your username


     3. Enter your password


     4. Click Log On


     4a. If there is an issue logging in, then text will appear to assist you.

    Most times the cause is a password or user name that was incorrectly entered. If you continue to have problems after rechecking your user name and password, you can get assistance at 480-965-2400 or email

     5.If the Citrix client is not installed on the computer, or an older version is installed, the prompt to download the client will appear.

    If the webpage does not prompt you to install the Citrix Client, proceed to section 2 for steps on using Citrix

    6. Once you have successfully logged into Citrix will see the Add Favorites page. 


    7. You will see the Desktop option listed based on your affiliation.

    Student Desktop Screen