Article sections

    Section 1: Windows Machines

    Section 1.1: Computer Lock via Keyboard Shortcut
    Section 1.2: Computer Lock via Start Menu
    Section 1.3: Computer Lock via Control-Alt-Delete
    Section 1.4: Unlocking your Computer

    Section 2: Macintosh

    Section 2.1: Setting up Requirement for Screen Saver Password Lock
    Section 2.2: Keyboard Shortcut for Screen Saver Password Lock
    Section 2.3: Setting up and Using Hot Corners for Screen Saver Password Lock
    Section 2.4: Unlocking your Macintosh


    Section 1 of 2: Windows Machines


    1) Keyboard Shortcut: Windows Key + L
    Press and Hold the Windows key, then press the 'L' key to lock your computer


    2) Start Menu Lock:

    1) Click the Windows Start Orb
    Clicking here opens your Windows Start menu

    2) Hover over the arrow to the right of "Shut Down"
    This is the windows 7 shutdown list

    3) Select "Lock"
    Select "Lock" to lock and password protect your computer


    3) Select "Lock this computer" from the Control-Alt-Delete screen
    Now that you've hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete, you can lock your machine by clicking "Lock this Computer"


    4) Unlocking your Computer

    1) From the Locked Screen, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete
    Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to authenticate and log back in


    2) Enter your password and click Enter to log back in
    Enter your password to authenticate and log back in




    Section 2 of 2: Macintosh


    1) Setting up Screen Saver Password Lock:
    In order for a Mac lock screen command to be effective, you’ll first need to configure System Preferences to require your user account password when unlocking or waking up.

    1) Go to the following path: System Preferences > Security & Privacy
    From System Settings, click on Security


    2) In the General Tab, check the box next to “Require Password
    Click the checkbox for requiring password


    3) Set an interval to immediate or 5 seconds
    For highest security, set the interval to immediate


    2) Keyboard Shortcut

    For Mac computers that contain an Optical Drive, the command is:  Control + Shift + Eject.

    For Mac computers without an optical drive, the command is Control + Shift + Power


    3) Setting and using Hot Corners

    1) Go to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver
    Click here to open the Desktop & Screen Saver options


    2) Click the Screen Saver tab
    Click Here to go to the Screen Saver options


    3) Ensure the screen saver is set to "Start after" 10 minutes or less
    Ensure that the Screen Saver is set to launch at 10 minutes or less


    4) Click the "Hot Corners…" button
    Click Here to get to the Hot Corners Options Menu


    5) Set a corner to "Start Screen Saver"
    Click a corner dropdown to set it for the "Screen Saver" option


    6) Click the "OK" button
    Click OK to continue


    To use the Hot Corner to start your Screen Saver, move your cursor to that corner of  your screen. The Screen Saver will start, effectively password locking your machine. 


    4) Unlocking your Macintosh

    From the screen saver, move your cursor to prompt the login authentication to appear. Enter your password to login.
    Enter your password to login