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    Faculty and Staff Only

    Technology Services provides a centralized data storage system for general enterprise and academic data files. Data is secure and backed up regularly. An individual can restore a file deleted from any folder which they have permission to without having to request assistance from Technology Services.

    Technology Services Centralized Data Storage Services and hosting is comprised of three core services: one for enterprise data used for business functions and the other is for academic data used for research or instruction.

    • Faculty and staff have individual network storage space of 10GB that is expandable on request. Please contact Technology Services to increase your network storage space.
    • Dropbox For Education with unlimited space – an overview is available at the following URL:
    • Departmental Shared space and inter-departmental shared space for data files is available on request.


    Previous Versions

    1. Locate the file or directory to be restored in WindowsExplorer. (Right-click the Windows Pearl and click Open Windows Explorer)


    2. Right-click on it and select Properties.

    3. Select the Previous Versions tab.

    4. Select the snapshot for the day you wish to restore.

    5. Select an action

    • Choose Open to look at the contents of a directory.
    • Choose Copy to restore to a different location.
    • Choose Restore to restore to the original location