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    Dropbox team folders are a way for departments to manage access to information needed by various members of the department. We have a main W.P. Carey team folder that is managed by Technology Services. Below it, we have folders for each department that mirror the current structure of P. However, unlike P, these folders are not public by default. They are private. Dropbox permissions are such that anyone who has access to a folder has access to subfolders below that folder. This is a departure from the model of the P drive where people can be locked out of specific subfolders, so some care will need to be taken when mapping out how you structure your subfolders and which staff members get access to the main departmental folder.


    For instance, in the diagram above Marketing and Finance have chosen to structure their team folders differently. In Finance, all front office staff have been given access to the top level Finance team folder. That means any of the Finance staff (as well as the IT staff) can create folders and add users to folders. However, it also means that they will have access to every subfolder beneath the main Finance folder.

    The Marketing department has chosen to structure their folders differently. Only select IT staff have access to the top level Marketing folder, and below that are two subfolders called General Access and Restricted Access. General Access has given permissions to select IT staff as well as the Marketing front office. That means under General Access, all marketing staff can create folders and add other users to them. Because the permissions are inherited top down, access to a folder is those that have permission to the folder above it, as well as anyone added to that particular folder. For the Restricted Access folder, only select IT Staff and the Business Manager have access. They are the only ones that can create and grant access in the  Restricted Access subfolder.

    Once you have decided within your department how you would like to organize your Team Folder, you can contact and let us know how to grant access.