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    W. P. Carey School of Business Data Policy

    January 2015


    The W. P. Carey School of Business is establishing this policy in response to the ASU Data Archive Task Force (DATF) recommendation that each unit set a policy regarding research data and metadata archiving and accessibility standards. This policy applies to all W. P. Carey School of Business faculty, research assistants, staff serving in research capacities, and doctoral students (hereafter referred to as researchers) regardless of full-time status or rank. For the purposes of this policy, research data should be interpreted as any material (digital or physical) required for published research. For different WPC areas, this may include raw data captured from instruments, derived data, documents, spreadsheets and databases, lab notebooks, visualizations, models, software, images, measurements and numbers.


    Expectations of researchers

    • Store data, code, IRB approvals when necessary, and when possible statistical output to verify and enable replication of any findings appearing in published sources unless:

      • it can be documented that data source stakeholders (including coauthors) prohibit storage, or
      • the journal the research is published in maintains data availability as per their policy.
    • If the data comes from centralized, external databases researchers are responsible for saving any coding, models or other programs that would be needed to replicate results, not the raw data.
    • This storage will be in multiple places to avoid data loss, including the W. P. Carey School of Business P drive.
    • Each co-author/researcher is responsible for data integrity and storage.  Thus, when multiple researchers are engaged on the same project, regardless of whether they personally perform the statistical or methodological analyses, each should store raw data and any code, etc. to enable verification and replication of such findings unless prohibited (e.g. IRB policies at some institutions require data not be stored at other institutions).
    • Researchers will store data for a minimum of five years or longer based on the scope of the project and ethical considerations for required archive or digital data and metadata preservation.
    • Faculty, research assistants/faculty, staff in research capacities, and doctoral students no longer affiliated with the program and/or university will require Dean’s approval for any and all access to current and archived data stored at ASU.


    If for any reason researchers are unclear or uncertain about whether they can adhere to the above policy, please seek clarification and/or an exemption from the dean.