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    Access Office 365 Exchange Online Account Using iPhone or iPad for Version 11.0 and Above

    Please read the following information below before configuring your iPhone or iPad:

    • Make sure your device software is up to date. These updates may contain patches related to mailbox synchronization and can help prevent any known problems. 
    • To have ASU Office 365 Exchange Online setup on your IOS device two security policies are required and will be pushed to your device: Device Encryption and Security Pin. For more information see Office 365 Exchange Online Email Security. If the policies are not already setup on your device you will be prompted during the setup of your account.


    To access your ASU Office 365 Exchange Online account using an iPhone or iPad, perform the following steps:

    1. On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch select the Settings icon.


    2. Select Accounts & Passwords.


    3. Under Accounts select Add Account.


    4. Select Exchange.


    5. The next step will require your public email address. See Manage your ASU email address to view your public email address.

      1. The email address shown in box A is the public email address, unless option B below applies.


      2. If your Email Delivery found in box B is set to something other than MS Exchange for ASU (Green Color) you have 2 options:

        1. Change your email delivery option. See the Manage your ASU email address KB for instructions.
        2. Use your or your when asked for your public email address in the next step.


    6. In the Email box enter your Public Email Address and then select Next.


    7. You will next be prompted with a window asking if you want to "Sign in to your '' Exchange account using Microsoft?" Select the Sign In option.


    8. From the Microsoft sign in page select Work or school account option (you may or may not get this prompt below).


    9. Enter the information below to login to the ASU Microsoft Services Sign In page:

      1. ASURITE User ID: Enter your ASURITE Username.
      2. Password: Enter ASURITE password.
      3. Select Faculty or Staff radio button.
      4. Select the Sign in button.

    10. You may be asked for DUO two-factor authentication, just like and other ASU websites. For more information see, ASU Two Factor Authentication and DUO software.

      Currently there is a known issue affecting any ASU + Duo authentication for mobile apps on IOS 11.3. See the following article for more information: 

    11. Once your account is verified successfully you will briefly see check marks next to each field and then screen will quickly change to a page where you can choose what kind of data you want to synchronize on your device. After making your choices, select Save.  


    12. Your ASU Office 365 Exchange Online account is now configured on your device.
    13. Please Note: When you turn Contacts and Calendars to On, a window will appear for each one requesting whether you wish to keep your local contacts and calendars on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. Select Keep on My iPhone (or Keep on My iPod Touch) to keep either of these on your device, or Delete to completely remove them.