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Over the past few years, Technology Services has recognized a need for greater support with conference calling and developed guidelines to assist users. Technology Services recommended web cam for conferencing is the Live! Cam Socialize HD by Creative Labs. The chart below highlights the different features of the three main programs recommended.

Skype Adobe Connect Vidyo
1 to 1 1 to many 1 to many
Text, Video, Voice Chat Text, Video, Voice Chat Video, Voice Chat
Software Needed
Free download of skype software Requires Adobe Flash and own Web Plugin Requires Own Client
Software Requirements
Requires a Full Application to be Installed Needs planning/setup of meeting room Requires a client to be Installed
Resource Sharing
Can share screen or window Can share screen or window Can share screen or window
Video Feeds
1 to 1 Up to 6 video feeds at once Up to 9 video feeds at once
Create an account at Presentor account must be made with UTO Account must be requested through the Service Tab on your myASU.

For more information on Skype please contact Technology Services at 480-965-2400 or

For more information on Adobe Connect please visit the following page: Adobe Connect

For assistance in reserving or using Vidyo, please visit the following page: Vidyo