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    To access your ASU Office 365 Exchange Online account using Outlook 2016 with Mac OS X, perform the following steps:

    1. Open Outlook 2016.

    2. Select the Outlook menu, select Preferences from the drop down list.

    3. The Outlook Preferences window will appear, under Personal Settings select Accounts

    4. If no account exists, the dialog will look like the below. Click the Exchange or Office 365 icon.



    5. If an email account already exists in your Outlook client, a window similar to the one below will open. To add an additional account click the plus sign on the bottom left corner and select Exchange



    6. Next step will require your  Public Email Address



      1. Identified by a is your Public Email Address which is 
        needed in the next step, unless option c below applies.
      2. Identified by b is your Email Delivery Option.
      3. Note: if b is set other than MS Exchange for ASU (Green Color) you have 2 options


        1. Change your Email Delivery Option by following KB0010551 or
        2. Use your or 
          when asked for you Public Address below.
    7. The Exchange account information window will appear. Enter the information below:


      • Email address: Enter your Public Email Address.
      • User name: Enter your ASURITEID@asurite.asu.eduExample: If your ASURITEID is imasundevil then you would login with
      • Password:  Enter your ASURITE password.
      • Ensure the checkbox next to Configure automatically is checked.



    8. If Outlook is unable to configure automatically the server field will appear at the bottom.


      • Enter in the Server field.
      • Select the Add Account button.

    9. You may be redirected to the ASU Microsoft Services Sign In page for authentication. 


      • ASURITE User ID: Enter your ASURITE Username.
      • Password: Enter your ASURITE password.
      • Select the Faculty or Staff radio button (Student Workers should also select Faculty or Staff radio button).
      • Select the Sign in button.

    10. You may be asked for DUO two-factor authentication, just like and other ASU websites. For more information see, ASU Two Factor Authentication and DUO software.

    11. Outlook 2016 will now sync with your Office 365 Online Exchange mailbox. This may take some time depending on how big your mailbox is. Once it's done syncing, you can now send and receive email securely using Outlook 2016 for Mac.