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    Please read the following information below before configuring the Outlook App on your Android:

    • If you have not installed the Microsoft Outlook App already, please do so from your application Store.
    • Before following the steps below please make sure your device software is up to date. These updates may contain patches related to mailbox synchronization and can help prevent any known problems. Once your device is configured with the configurations below you will be able to access your email, calendar, and contacts from your device.
    • To have ASU Office 365 Exchange Online setup on your Android device two security policies are required and will be pushed to your device: Device Encryption and Security Pin. For more information see Office 365 Exchange Online Email Security. The Device Administrator will prompt you during the setup of your account on the Outlook App. The Device Administrator allows the ASU Exchange Administrators to push security policies to your phone for additional security. In order to complete the account setup you must select the Activate option. If you chose to Cancel the device administrator activation your account will not be setup on your android mobile device. Again, these additional security policies are a requirement to have your ASU Office 365 Exchange Online setup on your android mobile device.


     To access your ASU O365 Exchange Online account using the Microsoft Outlook Application on your Android device, perform the following steps:

    1. From the Home screen of your device select the Apps icon to bring up the menu.
    2. Find and Select the Microsoft Outlook app from the list of applications provided.
    3. If this is your first time using Outlook app select Get Started and skip to Step 6.




    4. If you have previously added an email account, then from your initial screen select the Settings icon (gear) on the top right of the screen.




    5. Under the Account Settings section select Add Account.




    6. From the popup window select Add an email account.




    7. The Add Account Screen will follow, for the email address type in your ASU email address in the following format: (Example: if your ASURITEID is imasundevil then you would enter, then select the Continue button.




    8. Select the Office 365 icon from the choices presented on Choose account type screen.




    9. You may or may not be taken to the Office 365 sign in page. Skip to step 10 if you don't see this screen. If you do then type in your email address in the following format, do not enter a password and , select Sign In.




    10. You will be sent to the ASU Microsoft Services Sign In page, follow the steps below to login:



      • ASURITE User ID: Enter in the following format your
      • Password: Enter your ASURITE password.
      • Select the Faculty or Staff radio button. (Student Workers make sure you select the Faculty or Staff radio button.)
      • Select the Sign In button.
    11. You may be asked for DUO two-factor authentication, just like and other ASU websites. For more information see, ASU Two Factor Authentication and DUO software.
    12. On the Add another account screen, select the Maybe Later button on the bottom of the page to continue. You do have the option to setup another email account later under settings.




    13. The next screen will inform you of different features available on the Outlook App (Focused Inbox, Calendar, and Attach Files), to view simply swipe on the bottom from right to left. To complete setup select the SKIP option




    14. Your ASU Office 365 Exchange Online account is now configured on your device.