W. P. Carey Around the World

Lately there’s been some great international travel opportunities for W. P. Carey MBA students. In just the last few weeks, students have traveled to Argentina, Columbia, Sweden and the Czech Republic. One group was even given an opportunity through their capstone project to travel anywhere in the world — all expenses paid! For those not lucky enough to be part of that group, the school still provides many opportunities each year for travel with outreach trips to visit top companies and for-credit international trips.

Check out some of their journeys and learn how the W. P. Carey MBA can give you a new way of looking at the world.

Travis Duea

As part of our marketing applied project course, my team was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Norway, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and Canada to gain insight into a company’s global customer experience. These trips provided us with an unparalleled opportunity to understand the unique needs of each culture and to help our project company better serve their global customers.

Overall this was an incredible experience — it was so inspiring that we were able to apply knowledge from our MBA courses to help customers across the world!

Suzie Villezcas

Perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences of my MBA education was the capstone consulting project because it allowed us to work with a global company. Visiting Colombia opened my eyes to business in an entirely different part of the world, which is something every MBA student should experience as our world becomes more and more connected. Colombia has an appetite for technology and is very eager to be a serious player in global business.

Other pluses: the weather is fantastic, the mountains are gorgeous, and the coffee is some of the finest in the world (something I definitely took advantage of while I was there).