The Value of Industry Partners

The W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) delivers a transdisciplinary education that not only exposes you to insight from the areas of business, law, construction, and design, but also opens the door to a world of industry contacts.


Access to industry partnerships is invaluable for building relationships across the intersections in real estate development, and often creates a common starting point for discussions about career and extracurricular opportunities.

You’ll learn who’s who in the real estate industry, get involved in local events through MRED associations and memberships, and even have the opportunity to join these influential groups for free or for significantly reduced pricing. Of course, networking is mandatory in real estate development, and through class projects and mixers, you’re introduced to members of the real estate community early and often.

There is also an educational component to the MRED program’s many relationships: Several partners offer generous scholarships, which can not only help you pay for your studies but will also help you build deeper connections with influential companies and organizations.

One thing that often goes overlooked is how all of this comes together: Many industry professionals will try to do business with professionals who belong to the same organizations, and who they get to know through committees and volunteer efforts. And the sooner you can make those connections, the better.

Learn more about our industry partners and what the MRED can do for your career.