MRED Prepares You to Meet the Demand for Real Estate Developers

According to CNN Money, real estate development is one of the hottest jobs in the U.S., projecting 12 percent growth over the next 10 years. Emerging from the housing bubble and the subsequent recession, development is once again on the upswing.
Downtown Tempe, AZ

Rise of the 18-Hour City

One of the key trends in the recent and future growth and stabilization of development is that large cities are increasingly open all night. Downtowns have been revitalized, millennials are living in urban centers more frequently, and there is an expectation among businesses and customers in cities nationwide that more options are more available more of the time. This demand presents real estate developers big challenges and significant opportunities.

Technology is Changing the Game

The genie can’t go back in the bottle, and technology — and its disruption to tradition — is here to stay, forcing developers to rethink spaces, locations, and uses to stay ahead of the curve.

Get Ready for the Jobs — and the Market — of the Future

In only nine months, the W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) program can prepare you for what’s next in development. Arizona State University is ranked the number one school in the country for innovation by U.S. News & World Report — ahead of MIT and Stanford — and a big reason why is the transdisciplinary approach the university takes to solving real-world problems. The MRED program is a partnership between highly ranked schools of business, law, and engineering, along with the Del Webb School of Construction. This combination of influences provides you unique insights into the entirety of development projects, from dealing with contracts and contractors to working with governments and financiers.

And because Phoenix is a young urban city with plenty of room to experiment and grow, as an MRED student at W. P. Carey, you’ll learn in a living laboratory.

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