Making a part-time MBA more affordable

While an MBA is an investment in your career and in yourself, it’s also just a major investment. According to the 2017 GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey, the overwhelming majority of business master’s graduates have found their degree immensely helpful:

  • 91 percent indicate that the degree has helped them professionally
  • 76 percent say it has helped them financially
  • 95 percent rate their degree as a good or outstanding value

ASU’s W. P. Carey School of Business has listened to input from alumni and current students about ways to improve an already highly ranked part-time MBA. The Professional Flex MBA is notable not only because it allows you more time to earn your degree, and more flexibility with your class schedule, but also because that flexibility gives you more financial leeway to pursue an MBA in the first place.

Dollars and sense

With IRS education tax credits, you can deduct over $5,000 spent on education every year. That means if you extend your W. P. Carey Professional Flex MBA over three or four years, you can deduct much more than you could over a traditional two-year curriculum. It also means you’re spending less per year before adjusting for the tax credit.

Many companies encourage their employees to pursue master’s degrees, not only as an incentive to keep good talent on board longer, but because what they learn during a graduate program can deliver immediate returns to the organization. And an extended MBA program not only adds those returns over a longer period, it significantly decreases the annual investment your company makes in you, making an employer-paid MBA an even more attractive option.

Great scholarships for great students

More flexibility with your schedule, tax breaks, and possible employer-supported studies can go a long way toward making your dream of earning an MBA a reality. But they still don’t address what you bring to the table. The Professional Flex MBA relies on teamwork with your classmates, in discussions and group projects, and the specific strengths you bring to your team and to the class overall. That’s why the W. P. Carey School is proud to offer professional achievement scholarships for MBA students who are immersed in their careers and have demonstrated leadership and managerial strength — because what you bring to the program is just as important as what you get out of it.

Find out more

With more than 40 electives to customize your degree, flexible evening or online class schedules, and more ways to make your education more affordable than ever, this is the best time to pursue the W. P. Carey Professional Flex MBA. Learn about specific payment options for your degree and discover the highest-ranked part-time MBA in Arizona.