5 Tips for Balancing Work, Family and School

Several W. P. Carey master’s degree programs are designed for busy working professionals who need a high-quality degree and the flexibility to balance school with work and a personal life. But fitting in a W. P. Carey master’s degree requires some juggling, so here are some tips for fitting grad school into your life.


1. Discuss your decision

Get support from those around you and make sure everyone is on the same page in regards to finances, time commitments and personal and career goals.

2. Prioritize your time

Remember to allot time for class time, assignments, and your work and family schedule. Before starting a working professional master’s degree program, make sure you have at least 15 hours a week to devote to the program.

3. Create a calendar

Set a schedule for work, your personal life and school, and share it with your family and co-workers. That will help keep you accountable and focused.

4. Be flexible

No matter how much you plan, life happens. If your schedule gets sidetracked, leave room to catch up on reading and assignments in the morning or over lunch.

5. Take time for yourself

Your education can really benefit from disconnecting from your busy life and putting the books down from time to time.