10 Reasons To Consider a W. P. Carey MBA

Figuring out what school is the right fit for you and offers you the best chance to succeed after you earn your MBA is not as easy as just looking at a list of rankings. Do you want a huge class or a small one? Is location important to you? Is the MBA program you have your heart set on able to get you where you need to be? For me, the choice was the W. P. Carey MBA. And it was the right choice. Here are just 10 of the reasons why.

10. The City

Phoenix is a great place to get an MBA. It’s the 6th largest metro area in the country and there is plenty to do here year-round. If you’re a sports fan, there’s spring training baseball and the Diamondbacks, plus the Suns, Coyotes, and Cardinals. And the Phoenix Open is the largest PGA tour event year in and year out. As big as Phoenix is, though, nearly everything mysteriously seems to be under 20 – 30 minutes from each other: Downtown Phoenix is 10 miles from campus, which is five miles away from Scottsdale, which is maybe 15 minutes from North Phoenix. And if you want to get out of town you’re only a few hours from Tucson, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or Flagstaff.

9. The Faculty

Learn from the experts. W. P. Carey is a powerhouse research facility. Last year alone, Technovation ranked W. P. Carey number one in the world for research in high-impact journals, and a study by Texas A&M and the University of Florida ranked our Department of Management and Entrepreneurship as the top research school in the nation.

8. The ROI

Because the W. P. Carey MBA is more affordable than many other top-ranked programs (with the lowest in-state tuition and one of the three lowest out-of-state tuition rates among the Top 30 U.S. News schools) and because the starting salaries for our Full-time graduates are so competitive, an MBA from the W. P. Carey School has value now and down the line.

7. The Graduate Career Center

Career management services and resources at W. P. Carey are outstanding. Every student here is given the tools to realize their career dreams, and it really does start before you take your first class.

6. The Attention

W. P. Carey has the smallest class of any school in the U.S. News Top 30. Where that becomes really important to you is the connections you make. The faculty are always there to help you and don’t just lecture, the staff gives you personalized attention and really gets to know you, and of course, your classmates are going to be with you in class and in teams for the next two years. It’s great to have people you can really lean on in an MBA program, and a big part of that is just having more face time with everybody here.

5. The Weather

Phoenix has more sunny days each season than Seattle gets all year. From December to April, there is no better place to be in the country. Sure, the summers are almost comically hot, but you’ll make that trade for 68 degrees in January.

4. The Building

The new business building is brilliantly functional, and offers students a unique place to not only learn, but meet with recruiters, unwind, and take advantage of a range of student services. Trust me, once you’ve visited McCord Hall, you’ll never want to leave.

3. The Experience

Have the experience of a lifetime: outreach trips are offered around the world, compete with the top business students in the country in case competitions, lead a team or group – the opportunities are endless.

2. The Students

The MBA class is as diverse and talented as any in the country. I’m in class with dual degree med students, veterans, entrepreneurs, athletes, and engineers from all around the world. If you can get in here, you’ll be in good company.

1. The Opportunity

The world’s top companies come to you. This year Amazon, Apple, Intel, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson will all hire W. P. Carey students.