2017 Program Archive

Session I
Session Chair: Wayne Ferson (USC)

Trading Costs and Informational Efficiency
Eduardo Davila (NYU) and Cecilia Parlatore (NYU)
Discussant: Liyan Yang (University of Toronto)

ETF Arbitrage and Return Predictability
David Brown (University of Arizona), Shaun Davies (University of Colorado), and Matthew Ringgenberg (University of Utah)
Discussant: Alexander Chinco (University of Illinois)

Session II
Session Chair: Bruce Carlin (UCLA)

Growth Options, Incentives, and Pay-for-Performance: Theory and Evidence
Sebastian Gryglewicz (Erasmus) , Barney Hartman-Glaser (UCLA), and Geoffrey Zheng (UCLA)
Discussant: Ron Giammarino (University of British Columbia)

Import Competition and Household Debt
Erik Loualiche (MIT), Jean-Noel Barrot (MIT), Matthew Plosser (New York Fed), and Julien Sauvagnat (Bocconi)
Discussant: Asaf Bernstein (University of Colorado)

Patent Trolls and Small Business Employment
Ian Appel (Boston College), Joan Farre-Mensa (Harvard Business School), and Elena Simintzi (UBC)
Discussant: Shai Bernstein (Stanford)

Session III
Session Chair: Laura Starks (University of Texas at Austin)

Politicizing Consumer Credit
Pat Akey (Toronto), Rawley Heimer (Cleveland Fed), and Stefan Lewellen (LBS)
Discussant: Vik Fedaseyeu (Bocconi)

Relative Performance Banker Compensation and Systemic Risk
Rui Albuquerque (Boston College), Luis Cabral (New York University), and Jose Correa Guedes (Catolica Lisbon)
Discussant: Jeff Zwiebel (Stanford)

Session IV
Session Chair: Bruce Grundy (University of Melbourne)

Risk Preferences and the Macro Announcement Premium
Hengjie Ai (University of Minnesota) and Ravi Bansal (Duke University)
Discussant: Lars Lochstoer (UCLA)

Long Run Risk: Is It There?
Yukun Liu (Yale) and Ben Matthies (Yale)
Discussant: Bryan Routledge (Carnegie Mellon University)

Speculative Trading and Bubbles: Evidence from the Art Market
Julien Penasse (University of Luxembourg) and Luc Renneboog (Tilburg University)
Discussant: Stavros Panageas (UCLA)

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