2016 Program Archive

Session I
Session Chair: Wayne Ferson (USC)

Media Attention, Macroeconomic Fundamentals, and Stock Market Activity
Adlai Fisher (UBC), Charles Martineau (UBC), and Jinfei Sheng (UBC)
Discussant: David Solomon (USC)

Volatility Managed Portfolios
Alan Moreira (Yale) and Tyler Muir (Yale)
Discussant: Amit Goyal (University of Lausanne)

Session II
Session Chair: Michael Lemmon (BlackRock)

Flexible Prices and Leverage
Francesco D’Acunto (University of Maryland), Ryan Liu (UC Berkeley), Carolin Pflueger (UBC), and Michael Weber (University of Chicago)
Discussant: Abhiroop Mukherjee (HKUST)

Technological Heterogeneity and Corporate Investment
Theodosios Dimopoulos (University of Lausanne) and Stefano Sacchetto (CMU)
Discussant: Maria Chaderina (WU Vienna University)

Family Feud: Succession Tournaments and Risk-taking in Korean Chaebols
Jongsub Lee (University of Florida), Hojong Shin (Michigan State), and Hayong Yun (Michigan State)
Discussant: Vikas Mehrotra (University of Alberta)

Session III
Session Chair: Andrew Karolyi (Cornell University)
Endogenous Specialization and Dealer Networks
Artem Neklyudov (University of Lausanne) and Batchimeg Sambalaibat (University of Oklahoma)
Discussant: Briana Chang (University of Wisconsin)

Estimating Information Asymmetry in Securities Markets
Kevin Crotty (Rice), Kerry Back (Rice), and Tao Li (City University of Hong Kong)
Discussant: Vyacheslav Fos (Boston College)

Session IV
Session Chair: Ran Duchin (University of Washington)
Strategic Liquidity Hoarding and Predatory Trading: An Empirical Investigation
Michael Liu (University of Melbourne)
Discussant: Alberto Manconi (Tilburg University)

Family Descent as a Signal of Managerial Quality: Evidence from Mutual Funds

Denis Sosyura (University of Michigan) and Oleg Chuprinin (UNSW)
Discussant: Jules van Binsbergen (University of Pennsylvania)

Who is afraid of BlackRock?
Massimo Massa (INSEAD), David Schumacher (McGill), and Yan Wang (Erasmus)
Discussant: Shaun Davies (University of Colorado – Boulder)

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