2019 Program Archive

Session I
Session Chair: Wayne Ferson (USC)

Risk Price Variation: The Missing Half of the Cross-Section of Expected Returns
Brian Weller (Duke University) and Andrew Patton (Duke University)
Discussant: Stefano Giglio (Yale University)

Conditional dynamics and the multi-horizon risk-return trade-off
Mikhail Chernov (UCLA), Lars Lochstoer (UCLA), and Stig Lundeby (Norwegian School of Economics)
Discussant: Ian Dew-Becker (Northwestern University)

Session II
Session Chair: Jeffrey Zwiebel (Standford University)

Delegation Uncertainty
Ye Li (Ohio State University) and Chen Wang (Yale University)
Discussant: Andrea Buffa (Boston University)

Business Groups and the Incorporation of Firm-specific Shocks into Stock Prices
Mara Faccio (Purdue University), Randall Morck (University of Alberta), and Deniz Yavuz (Purdue University)
Discussant: Heitor Almeida (UIUC)

Outraged by Compensation: Implication for Public Pension Performance
Alexander Dyck (University of Toronto), Paulo Manoel (UC Berkeley), and Adair Morse (UC Berkeley)
Discussant: Scott Weisbenner (UIUC)

Session III
Session Chair: Annette Vissing-Jørgensen (UC Berkeley)

Sovereign Debt Ratchets and Welfare Destruction
Peter DeMarzo (Stanford University), Zhiguo He (University of Chicago), and Fabrice Tourre (Copenhagen Business School)
Discussant: Andrea Gamba (University of Warwick)

Belief Polarization and Investment
Lorenzo Garlappi (UBC), Ron Giammarino (UBC), and Ali Lazrak (UBC)
Discussant: Jason Donaldson (Washington University)

Session IV
Session Chair: Bruce Carlin (UCLA)

The Impact of the Opioid Crisis on Firm Value and Investment
Paige Ouimet (UNC), Elena Simintzi (UNC), and Kailei Ye (UNC)
Discussant: Ben Zhang (Southern California)

Organized Crime and Firms: Evidence from Italy
Pablo Slutzky (University of Maryland) and Stefan Zeume (University of Michigan)
Discussant: Roberto Pinto (Lancaster University)

Human Capitalists
Andrea Eisfeldt (UCLA), Antonio Falato (Federal Reserve), and Mindy Xiaolan (University of Texas)
Discussant: Lars-Alexander Kuehn (Carnegie Mellon University)

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