Welcome to McCord Hall

There’s something extra significant for this year’s W. P. Carey MBA class — we’re the first in the brand new McCord Hall. It’s great having all our classes in one place and having all our resources, whether it’s student services, our career coaches, or even caffeine, in that same place.


When you visit campus to have a look around the MBA program and meet the admissions team, MBA Ambassadors, or even the faculty, you’ll no doubt spend some time here and see how just having these facilities will help you get more out of your time at ASU.

The school broke ground on McCord Hall less than two years ago, and it’s an amazing to place to learn. As you’d expect, we have all the latest technology in the classrooms, and the team rooms are amazing, too. At this point, we haven’t spent a lot of time in them, but they’ll be our home away from how as we work on projects and assignments for the next couple years.

We’ll meet with recruiters in McCord Hall, too, and they’ve got lounges where they can catch up on all the day’s business while they’re on the road, or just relax. It’s really a great atmosphere, so much better than a hotel ballroom or something.

We get lounges, too, which is a great way to blow off some steam and turn off our brains for a few minutes without having to go anywhere. So now if we have class all morning and team meetings after that, there’s a place to go in between and just catch our breath.

Or…we can always go downstairs to Freshii. Their motto is “Eat. Energize.” Can you think of anything more appropriate for an MBA student to get through the day? Freshii’s on the first floor of McCord Hall, and whether we need a quick bite or something to drink before class or a healthy burrito or bowl for lunch…it’s just one more way the W. P. Carey School has thought everything through and made the transition back to school so much easier.



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