Connecting with Top Companies

Each semester, W. P. Carey MBA students meet with some of the world’s top companies, giving recruiters an opportunity to learn more about the talent at W. P. Carey and giving students a chance to talk to these organizations one-on-one, learn more about the corporate culture, and look at possibilities for where to work after completing their MBA.

This fall, more than 30 companies visited the ASU campus for Company Networking Night, and many of the firms combined the trip to Phoenix with interviews the next day; others are slated to return later in the year for a more formal interview process. And while most of these organizations have built long-standing relationships with the W. P. Carey School and its Graduate Career Center, a handful of companies were brand new to CNN, meeting high-quality W. P. Carey MBA candidates for the first time.

Amazon was a new addition and was also one of the night’s most popular tables. Deloitte, Chevron, Intel and many more were back on campus, signifying not only the excellence of our students, but also the depth of the relationships built by our Career Center.

More than 140 students attended CNN this September, the highest turnout in the past three academic cycles, and the Career Center puts a lot of effort into making sure each student is well-prepared to make the right impression. For first-year MBA students — before even arriving for orientation — a lengthy resume review process took place. The Career Center assigns counselors to work with everyone on an individual basis. With such a small class size, getting plenty of one-on-one attention is a given. Usually before the CNN in September, students are most of the way through a comprehensive career management course focused on the kinds of positions and firms would be the best fit for their skills and personalities.

W. P. Carey maintains an accelerated recruiting schedule. Even though the cycle begins early in an MBA student’s experience, firms are looking for talent and fit, not necessarily specific experience or someone who has already focused in on the exact job they want. By starting recruiting early, students are given more time to meet with many different companies and find something that is right for them; it provides students an opportunity to polish their interviewing skills and begin networking early on.

Another value of meeting with companies after only a few weeks in the program is that it opens new possibilities for students still on the fence about how they’ll tailor their degree. Meeting with a great recruiter from a finance or marketing department from one of these companies might lead a student to look at those classes and disciplines a little more carefully before selecting a specialization or area of emphasis.

It’s hard to overstate the value of getting this kind of face time with recruiters so early in the MBA experience, and it’s another way the Career Center works with students not just to get them a job after graduation but to build strengths, develop skills vital to career growth, and make connections with companies that mutually beneficial now and in the long run.

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