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The Flexibility of a W. P. Carey MBA

If everyone returned to business school trying to get the exact same job after graduation, there would only need to be one standard, inflexible MBA. You’d learn the foundations in key principles and everyone could contribute — and take away — the same information from each class.

But that’s not reality. And because an MBA opens more doors than ever before in more industries than ever before, the b-school you choose needs to help you do just that. How can you make sure an MBA program gives you the flexibility you need to get ahead?

What sets the W. P. Carey MBA apart — and what will set you apart — is the opportunity to dive deeper. Specializations, areas of emphasis, dual degrees, and a massive variety of electives will not only enhance your MBA, they’ll also help you build new strengths that are aligned with your career goals.


Develop deep expertise in one of the following areas; specializations focus your studies beyond the core curriculum and focus your skills, as well.

• Financial Management and Markets
• Health Sector Marketing and Services Leadership
• Health Sector and Supply Chain Management
• Information Management
• Strategic Marketing and Services Leadership
• Supply Chain Financial Management
• Supply Chain Management

Areas of Emphasis

An area of emphasis allows you to take the majority of your elective courses in one area of study, broadening your understanding in a discipline of your choice. Learn more about areas of emphasis offered within the following W. P. Carey MBA programs:

Dual Degrees

Although they obviously require a great deal of work (and juggling), a major advantage to pursuing dual degrees is you’ll save time and money versus earning the degrees separately. Dual degrees are available for the Full-time, Part-time (Evening), and Online MBA programs.


To help round out your W. P. Carey MBA experience, 40+ electives are offered that can be combined with areas of emphasis or taken separately to grow your overall business acumen. International and off-site electives can also help you see business from different perspectives around the world.

The ability to hone in on one or two areas of expertise or cultivate general knowledge across a number of disciplines will help you distinguish yourself after earning your MBA. And the flexibility to choose what’s right for you helps set the W. P. Carey MBA apart.